3D Blender Portfolio of David Wehr

Polynomial Particles

Particles emitted based on a polynomial curve

This is a particle animation that I created for my math class. I set the x value to constantly move forward, while the y and z values change according to two polynomial equations.

Watch the whole animation here

Full HD Resolution

One response

  1. labels. The 4 labels are very reminiscent of the allowable spin labels in the Freedman et al. approach to universal quantum computation, where one looks at the Jones polynomial at a 5th root of unity. Moreover, an important element in their analysis is the connection between qubits and trouser pants diagrams. Here we note that the trouser pants have a zero dimensional moduli (there is only one of them), and this is the model that appears above.

    October 14, 2013 at 12:53 PM

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